5 Headlines in History for Ferguson Missouri

Here are 5 headlines in history that would have been different if they would have happened in Ferguson, Missouri.


  1. David murders Goliath.  Parents say Goliath not thug, but a good kid.
  2. Joan of Arc tied to Stake.   Michael Brown’s stepfather yells “Burn this b—- down!”
  3. John Wilkes Booth shot.  Southerners blame Northerners and then Southerners loot and burn down the South.
  4. Unarmed Osama bin Laden murdered by white Navy Seals.


And finally…

5.    Allegedly Black Cop justified in shooting Reputedly Unarmed and Supposedly White Kid

Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/bristolpalin/2014/08/unarmed-white-kid-shot-and-killed-by-black-cop-in-salt-lake-city/#ixzz3KHMOEbjJ


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Top 5 Teams LeBron James will Consider

LeBron's James' agent has indicated that LeBron has opted out. Here are the top 5 teams that LeBron could end up with.


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Super Bowl 2014 Quiz










Just in time for your 2014 Super Bowl Party.  This quiz is great for those that like football and those that just watch the commercials.   Hand out this quiz before the game and then provide a prize to the person with the most correct answers.

A downloadable PDF version of this Quiz complete with the answers can be found by clicking here:   Super Bowl 2014 Party Quiz

1. Where was last year’s Super Bowl

a. Tampa Bay, FL
b. Miami, FL
c. New Orleans, LA
d. Dallas, TX

2. In what city is this year’s Super Bowl being played?

a. New York City
b. Miami, FL
c. East Rutherford, NJ
d. Indianapolis, IN

3. What number Super Bowl is today’s game?

a. Super Bowel XVLIII
b. Super Bowl 43
c. Super Bowl XXVIII
d. Super Bowl XLVIII
e. It’s the first one ever!

4. The first play of the game from the line of scrimmage (after the kick-off) will be: ?

a. pass
b. run
c. punt
d. other (QB sack, botched snap and fumble)
e. jump shot

5. The cast members from which Television Show from the 80’s and 90’s will be in a commercial during this year’s Super Bowl

a. King of Queens
b. Friends
c. Full House
d. Seinfeld

6. What team lost last year’s Super Bowl?

a. San Francisco 49ers
b. Indianapolis Colts
c. New England Patriots
d. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. What are the names of the offensive coordinator’s for each of the Super Bowl teams playing in this years game?

a. Pete Carroll and John Fox
b. J. Madden and J. Torre
c. A. Gase and D. Bevell
d. S. Spagnuolo and K. Flajole

8. What is Peyton Manning’s Middle Name:

a. Williams
b. Carrington
c. Archie
d. Eli

9. What will be the result of the first coin flip?

a. It will be heads
b. It will be tails
c. It will never stop spinning
d. It will stick to the ceiling

10. The last scoring play in Super Bowl 2013 and the first score in Super Bowl 2012 was a?

a. Field Goal for 3 points
b. Passing Touchdown for 7 points
c. Safety for 2 points
d. Rushing Touchdown 7 points
e. Kick returned for a touchdown

11. Last year’s Super Bowl was delayed for 34 minutes. Why?

a. Player was injured
b. Had to clear smoke from half-time show
c. Player got lost returning from the bathroom
d. Power Outage

12. Which famous commercial will NOT return for this year’s Super Bowl

a. Go Daddy
b. E*Trade
c. Coke
d. Pepsi

13. Up until Super Bowl 2014, the coldest temperature on the field at kickoff was:

a. 39 Degrees for Super Bowl VI in New Orleans
b. 39 Degrees for Super Bowl VI in Minneapolis, MN
c. 24 Degrees for Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey

14. Who was the MVP of last year’s Super Bowl?

a. Joe Flacco
b. Drew Brees
c. Tom Brady
d. Aaron Rodgers

15. Who will sing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl?

a. The latest winner of American Idol, Candice Glover
b. Beyonce
c. American Idol judge, Harry Connick, Jr.
d. opera star, Renee Fleming

16. Peyton Manning is the second oldest QB to start in a Super Bowl. Who was the oldest starter?

a. Johnny Unitas
b. Tom Brady
c. Kurt Warner
d. John Elway

17. This year’s half-time show will be performed by?

a. CeeLo Green
b. Bruno Mars
c. Madonna
d. Bridgestone
e. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

18. Which Player is the 2013 NFL MVP?

a. Cam Newton
b. Tom Brady
c. Peyton Manning
d. Russell Wilson

19. The Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson was drafted to play baseball for which major league team:

a. Chicago Cubs
b. St. Louis Cardinals
c. Colorado Rockies
d. He wasn’t drafted to play baseball

20. Peyton Manning owns 21 what?

a. Cars (Five 2010 or newer and 16 retro/antique models)
b. Papa Johns restaurants in Colorado
c. Papa Johns restaurants in Indianapolis
d. Planet Fitness Locations
e. Seattle Seahawk Voodoo Dolls



True or False: (Circle “T” or “F” after each question.)

1. The Seahawks are playing in their second Super Bowl?         T      F
2. The Referee’s are sporting black and white stripes today.     T      F

3. A regulation NFL football weighs exactly 1 pound.                 T      F

4. Each quarter in a regulation NFL football game has exactly 900 seconds.       T       F

5. Peyton Manning is trying to become the first QB to start and win a Super Bowl for two different teams.     T      F
6. Russell Wilson will be the sixth QB to start a Super Bowl in either his first or second NFL season     T      F

7. Peyton Manning has played his brother Eli three times in the “Manning Bowl” and has won every time.     T      F

8.  The temperature for the start of this Super Bowl is the coldest ever.     T       F

9. The coin used during this year’s Super Bowl is from Canada.      T         F

10. The last trip to the Super Bowl for both of this years Super Bowl teams ended in defeat.        T        F

11. As of this year, no team that has been to the Super Bowl multiple times has won every time.       T      F
12. The Seahawks will not bring a cheerleading squad to this year’s Super Bowl (although, the Broncos will bring a cheerleading squad).       T       F

Tie Breaker Questions:

1. Which team will win the Super Bowl____________________________

2. What will be the total score of the game (both teams)______________


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10 Reasons why Amendment 66 is Wrong for Colorado

In November Coloradans will vote on Amendment 66 which is being billed as "The Colorado Tax Increase for Education". Nothing could be further from the truth.


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